Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial buildings are often targeted for crime more than any other due to their containing expensive equipment, stashes of money and valuable products or information. Such structures also usually have a great deal of traffic that enter and exit producing more wear on the door locks. Therefore, businesses require locks and hardware that are specially designed to both stand up to the abuses of high traffic as well as provide greater resistance to thieves.

Basic Commercial Locksmith Services
Our professional locksmiths provide fast, efficient and cost-effective commercial locksmith services throughout the Greater Winnipeg, Manitoba area. Our basic Winnipeg locksmith services include:

Lock Repair – Any damaged lock within your business can be repaired by our highly trained locksmith technicians. Not only do our locksmiths repair damaged locks, but they will also replace damaged doors and door hardware so everything functions properly.

Replace Lost or Damaged Keys – If any of the keys to your commercial property are lost or damaged, our locksmiths can make new keys on the spot from their fully equipped vehicles.

Add Security Locks – Protecting your commercial property against break-ins is a high priority. Therefore, our skilled locksmiths in Winnipeg can install high-quality security locks around the perimeter of your building to ensure the very best protection against theft. Our Winnipeg locksmiths provide high security locks, commercial grade deadbolts that are pick proof and bump proof, top grade door guards and plates, window film that is shatterproof and even alarm systems.

Additional Commercial Locksmith Services
Besides the above basic services, our Winnipeg locksmiths also offer the following commercial locksmith services:

Provide Master Keys - Our locksmiths can supply you with a master key so that all commercial building locks can be conveniently accessed.

Rekey All Locks – If commercial keys are lost or stolen, it is recommended that you have locks rekeyed so easy access is denied. Our locksmiths in Winnipeg can rekey any affected locks to provide new keys without the need for changing locks.

Add Quality Safes – Safes are extremely valuable for protecting valuables against theft, fire and other disasters. We offer burglary proof safes that are fire rated by the Underwriters Laboratories.

Mailboxes – Our Winnipeg locksmiths can install, repair, or provide access and keys for business mailboxes.

Commercial Security Evaluations and Upgrades
Because security is a top priority of Winnipeg businesses, our commercial locksmiths provide an evaluation service of your property. Our professional locksmiths will check all external locks to ensure they are providing the best protection. If not, they will provide guidance and recommendations as well as install high-quality commercial locks.

Besides locks, we can also install exterior alarm systems, access control systems, window and security light and camera cages, blocker plates, padlocks and shackles, etc. that are all designed to make your commercial property ‘target hardened’ against theft.