Residential Locksmith Services

When you need residential locksmith services, our Winnipeg locksmiths ensure that problems are solved as soon as possible so that families once again are safe and secure within their homes.

Basic Residential Locksmith Services
Our basic residential locksmith services for the Greater Winnipeg, Manitoba area include:
Regain Access – Winnipeg locksmiths help homeowners regain access to their homes when locked out. In the majority of cases, re-entry can be made without harm to the lock. In those few cases where lock picking cannot be effectively utilized, our professional locksmiths can drill open the lock and replace it with another high-quality model. Supply New Keys – If home keys have been lost, Winnipeg locksmiths can provide new keys on the spot so you can regain entry in a short amount of time. Lock Repair – When locks are damaged or keys are broken within them, our locksmiths in Winnipeg can easily repair the locks or replace them if irreparable. Change Locks – If you have lost the keys to your home, have had house keys stolen, or simply want to upgrade home security, our locksmith technicians can change* all locks on your home and provide you with a new set of keys.

Additional Residential Locksmith Services
Besides basic services, we also provide the following additional residential locksmith services:

  • Installation of new locks, high security locks and in-home safes
  • Installation of specially designed pick proof or bump proof locks
  • Opening, replacement, or installation of window locks
  • Opening or removal of padlocks
  • Fast opening or replacement of mailbox locks

Residential Security Evaluations and Upgrades
Many cities in the world are becoming dangerous and Winnipeg, MB is no exception. Actually, Winnipeg is at the top of the list of cities with the highest crime rate towards property in both Canada and the United States. Therefore, it is critical that your home is effectively secured against such threats.

Winnipeg residential locksmiths can evaluate your entire home and make security suggestions for vulnerable access points. Our professional locksmith technicians can then replace or add high-quality locks* that are not easily manipulated by thieves, providing the utmost in home protection.

*Note: Additional locks are often required on residential homes because adequate locks are often not pre-installed. All exterior doors should contain high-quality deadbolts that are bump proof. Many thieves use bump keys on common deadbolt locks which are blanks that allow entry into homes within seconds. Ask our Winnipeg locksmiths about purchasing and having bump proof deadbolts installed on your home. The small extra expense could save you a great deal of loss and emotional stress in the future.